Creative Barcode is committed to enabling fast, easy and ethical intellectual property practice, on a global basis.

The Creative Barcode IPR system assists creative firms, entrepreneurs and innovators to protect ideas, concepts and business models prior to formal trademark, design registration or patent application. We provide a safe, secure, and trusted  disclosure and registration service that legally demonstrates ownership and original source.

Creative Barcode has users in over 30 Countries and has never been breached.

The system securely protects your creative, innovation and business concepts, visual and written, against theft, plagiarism, use without permission or any other misappropriations, whether digital or hard copy

It is quick and easy to register work and create your unique Digital IP Tags to apply to your images, documents, digital content, web sites, articles, lyrics or anything else you wish to remain accurately & formally attributed to. 

And for safe sharing with third parties of IP Tagged concepts, ideas and proposals using our IP secure file transfer service is faster & easier than a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The send, receive and download of files are recorded and the acceptance of the trust charter creates a binding trust agreement.

Creative Barcode is supported and acknowledged by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the British Library. Also see our FAQ's

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Suzanne Noble founder of Frugl is crowned Startacus Self Starter of the Year
  Startacus announces the winner of their annual Self Starter of the Year Award, through which innovation, entrepreneurship and all round self-starter...
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Summary of the key 2014 UK & EU Intellectual Property changes and 2015 the Year of Collective Responsibility
Cartoon Image IP Rights>> http://c-b.me/2dm Following extensive IP review consultations that began with the Hargreaves Review in late 2010 followed...
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EU Extended Copyright Licensing (ECL) regulations allow Collection Societies to receive royalties for members and non-members. This will affect nearly all Creators in the UK.
Further changes to UK copyright take place this month (November 2014).  The change sanctions Collection Societies to use Extended Copyright licensing...
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