Creative Barcode assists creative firms, entrepreneurs and innovators to protect ideas prior to formal trademark, design registration or patent application. We provide a safe, secure, and trusted registration and disclosure service that legally demonstrates ownership of original source.

Creative Barcode operates in over 30 Countries and has never been breached.

The system securely protects your creative, innovation and business concepts, visual and written, against theft, plagiarism, use without permission or any other misappropriations, digital or hard copy

It is quick and easy to register work and create your unique Digital IP Tags to apply to your images, documents, digital content, web sites, articles, lyrics or anything else to which you wish to remain formally attributed. 

For safe sharing of private concepts, ideas and proposals use our secure file transfer service. The send, receive and download of files are recorded and the acceptance of the trust charter creates a binding trust agreement.

Creative Barcode is supported and acknowledged by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the British Library. Also see our FAQ's

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Creative Barcode Director Julian Wilkins addresses Finland’s Media and Message Conference.
On the 7th August  2014, Julian Wilkins will speak at the Media and Message conference held at Naantali Spa, Finland.  Media and Message is the...
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Creative Barcode and Chartered Institute of Public Relations team up to hold Intellectual Property event for PR consultants, writers and journalists hosted at British Library
Event details An IP presentation, discussion and Q & A with 3 IP Lawyers, CIPR past President Chris Genasi , Brand consultant Paul Mellor, Mellor...
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Creative Barcode comments on Changes to Registered and Unregistered Design Rights law
  The Intellectual Property Act modernises Intellectual Property law to help UK businesses better protect their rights in the UK and abroad. The...
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