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Title of Work:The Wild West internet and Intellectual Property
Creator/s:Maxine J Horn
Creative Barcode User ID:CBID-2PP1-ZVHJ-UV40-000B
Creation Date:01 Apr 2014
Registration No:CBPR-19ZQ-BRYC-QO00-000B
Registered with:Creative Barcode
Design Reg No:n/a
Company:MJH Author
Address:6 Blenheim Place, Brighton, South East, BN1 4AE
Country:United Kingdom
Year Est / DOB:24/10
Company Reg No:n/a
CB Expiry:03 Feb 2017
Creator/Source Credit:Author: Maxine J Horn, CEO Creative Barcode UK
Other Parties With An IP Interest in This Work:Roger Penwill Cartoons available for license at £50 plus vat for an annual license to include unrestricted use in media articles, presentations, seminars and IP workshops.

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You may reproduce this article without alteration and without charge conditional to the Permitted Use IP Tag remaining legible within the article and the source credit published prominently at the end of the article. The carton can be licensed for £50 through Creative Barcode and credited to Cartoon by Roger Penwill and Maxine J Horn, Creative Barcode.

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