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1.1 Title of Work:Creative Industries Copyright Licensing Revenues: Opportunities and Risks
1.2 Creator/s:Joshua Blount, Maxine J Horn
1.3 Creative Barcode User ID:CBID-1D8C-OAFT-Q0W0-000B
1.4 Creation Date:18 Feb 2015
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1.14 Website:http://www.creativebarcode.com
1.15 Email:m.j.horn@creativebarcode.com
1.16 Creator/Source Credit:www.creativebarcode.com Creative Industries Copyright Licensing Revenues: Opportunities and Risks
1.17 Other Parties With An IP Interest in This Work:Research and editorial: Joshua Blount and Maxine J Horn
Graphic Design of Research Report & Infographics: Mellor & Scott
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