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Title of Work:Baking Holiday Cookies
Creator/s:Amy Cater
Creative Barcode User ID:CBID-1LF9-RTA8-0000-000A
Creation Date:27 Aug 2017
Registration No:CBPR-YOG0-GONK-LC00-000A
Registered with:Creative Barcode
Design Reg No:
Company:Dream Tree Fine Art
Address:Dream Tree's Studio - 44 Upper Canada Place, Kitchener, Ontario, N2P 1G1
Year Est / DOB:2005
Company Reg No:850203829TR0001
CB Expiry:18 Aug 2018
Creator/Source Credit:Baking Holiday Cookies © 2009 Amy Cater ❦ dreamtreefineart.com ❦ Usage Rights: http://c-b.me/3rb
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