05 October 2018

Transformation Champion, Kristina Bruun-Nyzell, joins Creative Barcode Advisory Board

Creative Barcode is delighted to welcome Kristina Nyzell to its Advisory Board. Kristina is an expert in co-creating transformational and sustainable change in purposes, people and organisations.   

Kristina works strategically with companies, including not for profits, to build sustainable communities for democratic innovation initiatives, open source, user-led innovation and co-creation.

In a Transformation Champion role Kristina will pick up the challenge to bring about a positive mind-set shift towards Intellectual Property in creative industries.

In particular at the early ideation and concept development stages that happens in co-creative and collaborative partnerships where trust based exchanges with third parties are critical.

Kristina is connected to a significant network of innovators, designers, creators, and influencers around the world, in particular within Dubai, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the UK.

“I have followed Creative Barcode since launched in 2010. They have held true to their core purpose to create an IP trust environment, empower creators to remain correctly attributed to and fairly rewarded for commercial use of their work. I like their ethics, principles and their product, so I am very happy to work with them to raise awareness, gain traction and secure a healthy future for all involved” said Kristina.


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Launched in September 2010 Creative Barcode simplified early-stage Intellectual Property protection and disclosure. It places ethics, trust and etiquette at the heart of its operating principles. Endorsed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Creative Barcode is a digital Intellectual Property Registration (IPR) system that enables Creators of innovation; design and copyright work to register, time stamp and attribute ownership data and usage terms. It is fast, easy and very cost-effective to use. The system automatically generates a Registration Certificate, IP Tag/URL and QR code confirming ownership, usage and licensing terms, as applicable to each concept, project, pitch or completed item of work.


Kristina Nyzell Founder – Disruptive Play https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinanyzell

Disruptive Play

Global strategists, futuristic idealists, cultural linguists, creative venturists, meaning-making humorists, structured processists, open minded interpretivists, playful constructionists, purposeful innovation and serious play specialists with a passion for co-creating emotional belonging and transformational change in people and brands.







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