12 June 2013

Creative Barcode, CEO on IP Panel at Design Trust Start-Up Day at New Designers Exhibition, London, 27 June 2013

Kicking off at 10.30 am the Design Trust are putting on an entire day of short talks and themed panel discussions for start-up creative firms on subjects ranging from online marketing to Intellectual Property and raising finance.

Venue, Auditorium, Business Design Centre, Islington London, N1 0QH
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The IP discussion panel ‘ how to protect your ideas and designs legally’ takes place 1.30pm to 2.15pm and comprises Maxine Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode Dids MacDonald, CEO ACID (Anti-Copying in Design) and Own-it Programme Manager, Silvia Baumgart

The information-packed day is for recent design and craft graduates and takes place during the first week of New Designers on Thursday 27 June from 10.30am – 5pm.

Design Trust has brought together over 25 partner organisations and businesses who work in online marketing & selling, studio provision, business support & selling opportunities, legal, finance & funding, as well as those who run successful designer-maker businesses.

There will be opportunity to meet with many of the experts after their panel discussions or talks for further questions or networking.

The event is free, and booking is recommended.

For the full programme and to book your ticket to New Designers please visit the Design Trust website -.

About Creative Barcode



In just over two years, Creative Barcode has attracted hundreds of users from more than 29 countries and has gained the endorsement of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The CB system has never been breached.

Creative Barcode comprises a digital App (not mobile), QR code-based identifiers, a database-driven portal, a file transfer facility and a Trust Charter and Transfer of Ownership facility.  

The App enables users to generate their unique QR codes embedded with their ownership Meta Data and contact details, where applicable, plus other formal registrations and licensing information.

Uniquely a QR code can be edited to simultaneously update every item it has formerly been applied to, whether online or in print.

Thus, if an item of work and its IP is sold outright it only takes 3 minutes to change ownership details and simultaneously apply worldwide.

Creative Barcode is a trusted brand.  Its digital and visible IP system has removed a great deal of the IP complexity from early stage concept disclosure.  

Online, internet users can easily recognise 'rights reserved' or 'free-use' terms associated with the creative work and can swiftly contact the creator to gain permission to use, to license, to purchase or to commission original works.

Creative Barcode trust charter operates to three key principles - Etiquette (ask permission), Trust (don't rip me off), Ethics (do the right thing).

The principles are easy to abide by and hence the Creative Barcode system has built a framework around trust and ethics all supported by the WIPO's mediation service.

If you Value it, Barcode it


Maxine Horn
Creative Barcode

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