26 June 2013


In the digital age it's now faster and easier to share files across a myriad social and new media platforms, as well as traditional channels.

If correctly attributed, the 'upside' can be increased PR and awareness for the creator of the idea, be it a design, photograph, concept or written piece of work.

On the 'downside' unattributed images and unprotected ideas can lead to unauthorised use, complicated IP rights and payment management, and what are termed 'orphan works' if the creator cannot be identified.

Says Show Director William Knight, 

"100% Design value and respect our exhibitors' IP.  Accordingly we've partnered with Creative Barcode to place its digital IP system and trust principles at the heart of our show.  We aim to raise positive awareness of IP to exhibitors and visitors alike."

The 2013 show will lead with an 'ADMIRE THE WORK. ACKNOWLEDGE THE RIGHTS' – IP Policy message implemented at the show on banners, signage, posters and poster cards and online in the Exhibitors Guide, a dedicated online IP page and in the Registration process. 

Adds Creative Barcode CEO, Maxine Horn,

"In general people are honest.  But nowadays it's become increasingly confusing for viewers of creative works to know what is free-to-use and share, and what requires permission and payment.  Creative Barcode protects creators and clarifies a complex issue."

The Code is a sophisticated digital IP application that enables creators to attribute their rights to their work and also to convey contact numbers and licensing details.

The Creative Barcode innovation has been applauded by IP lawyers as a considerable advance in terms of safety and security, and is proven internationally. 

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Editors' Notes:

  • About 100% Design
  • About Creative Barcode
  • Working in Partnership


 About 100% Design

100% Design is officially the UK's largest design trade event and the commercial cornerstone of the annual London Design Festival.

Held at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, this year's event takes place on 18-21 September.

The 20,000 sq.m show, which provides a focus on four key industry sectors, establishes a launch pad for new brands and is expected to attract over 30,000 visitors in 2013, dominated by architects, interior designers, and a host of international visitors.

 url: http://www.100percentdesign.co.uk

email: info@100percentdesign.co.uk

 Any questions regards the IP Policy please contact show director William Knight, email william.knight@media-ten.com or Maxine J Horn, m.j.horn@creativebarcode.com


About Creative Barcode

In just over two years, Creative Barcode has attracted thousands of users from more than 29 countries and has gained the endorsement of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The CB system has never been breached.

Creative Barcode comprises a digital App (not mobile), QR code-based identifiers, a database-driven portal, a file transfer facility and a Trust Charter and Transfer of Ownership facility.  

The App enables users to generate their unique QR codes embedded with their ownership Meta Data and contact details, where applicable, plus other formal registrations and licensing information.

Uniquely a QR code can be edited to simultaneously update every item it has formerly been applied to, whether online or in print.

Thus, if an item of work and its IP is sold outright it only takes 3 minutes to change ownership details and simultaneously apply worldwide.

Creative Barcode is a trusted brand.  Its digital and visible IP system has removed a great deal of the IP complexity from early stage concept disclosure.  

Online, internet users can easily recognise 'Rights Reserved' or 'Free-Use' terms associated with the creative work and can swiftly contact the creator to gain permission to use, to license, to purchase or to commission original works.

Creative Barcode trust charter operates to three key principles - Etiquette (ask permission), Trust (don't rip me off), Ethics (do the right thing).

The principles are easy to abide by and hence the Creative Barcode system has built a substantial international framework around trust and ethics all supported by the WIPO's mediation service.

 If you Value it, Barcode it

Twitter @creativebarcode



01273 906067


Working in Partnership

 IP awareness will be positively raised and a permission-based policy adopted as follows:-

  • All show visitors will be able to read and agree to the Trust Charter principles when they register to attend the show.
  • All exhibitors have the option to use the Creative Barcode IP application, and generate and embed their unique 'Rights Reserved' barcode into their main show image as displayed in the Exhibition Guide, in media and other collateral.  Codes travel with images and link to creators' IP status and contact details.


 This prevents images of works becoming 'orphan works' when

          separated from the owners' Meta Data and used unaccredited or

          without payment, where applicable.

  • 100% Design will adopt a policy to allow photography only with the exhibitors' strict permission.  This will be communicated at entrance banners, on IP Policy postcards and notices displayed on exhibitor stands and at the show and exhibitor aisle entrance.  Any exhibitor can refuse or accept specific photography requests as suits their own interests.
  • 100% Design will take every opportunity to communicate the IP Policy in a friendly but firm manner to ensure respect and value for creativity is upheld and a positive awareness of IP is communicated to exhibitors and visitors.
  • An IP information space will feature within the Business Services Centre next to the Press Office.


Rick Holmes / Maxine Horn


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