Trust Charter - agreement to observe ethical intellectual property practice

I agree that innovations, business models and creative concepts, designs, audio and visual and written works, art, strategic proposals, creative solutions, pitches, written and articulated ideas & inventions created by the likes of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, content creators, artists, academics, PR, marketing and brand consultants, writers, inventors, photographers, illustrators, typographers, cartoonists, product & service designers, scientists, technologists, make a vital contribution to our business, economy and society.

I believe that it is essential to respect, acknowledge, uphold and protect their value to ensure the continued efficient flow of solution-led entrepreneurship, creativity, ideas and innovation.

I support equitable and ethical trading between creators of all type and their co-creators; clients; suppliers. I accept the use of Creative Barcode and its legally binding safe disclosure system for receipt of creative solutions, proposals, concepts and ideas.

I confirm acceptance of IP tagged files and correspondence from Creative Barcode members, written or visual, in response to solicited invitations to supply a quote, a pitch; a tender; or in support of open innovation and knowledge transfer activities whether written, visual or verbal.

I have undertaken not to disclose or commercialise [or empower another party to do so] any written or visual material including the core ideas inherent in strategic proposals and or visually expressed material. Nor to cause, aid or abet any other person or organisation to do so without securing the written permission of the Creative Barcode member.

I agree to receive barcoded/ tagged files under the proviso that the Creative Barcode member is the producer and owner of the original concepts and is authorised to undertake disclosure. And, on the basis that the files do not contain any detailed commercially sensitive IP so as to affect a patent application.

The Creative Barcode member indemnifies me [the recipient] against any claims arising if they purposefully submit files that do not contain their original work; or that contain others work without authorised consent to disclose or contain open source or work in the public domain without a source credit.

I agree to accept IP Tagged/barcoded files either via the Creative Barcode file transfer tracking & download system or by any other means such as a Creative Barcode members’ own file transfer system; via upload to a confidential non-public web portal; by email; by post or in face to face meetings.

Creative Barcode members recognise that should an alleged breach of the Creative Barcode Trust Charter terms arise, consensual resolution via WIPO Mediation Services would be more time and cost efficient than court litigation.

Both parties therefore pledge that should a dispute arise, they are prepared to consider resolution through WIPO mediation, first and foremost.

© Creative Barcode® All rights reserved


Date Name Occupation Company Country
Apr 2019 Ben Bennett COO Omnitude United Kingdom
Mar 2019 Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni Italy
Oct 2018 Ibrahim Mohamed Elmahallawy BookFlix Egypt
Aug 2018 Gabriela Franco Fernandes Azulini Barcode Ozdesign Brazil
Aug 2018 Gill Bourbage Seasonal Samplers United Kingdom
Jun 2018 Andrew John Matthews DJ/​​Music Producer Dre@​​dless United Kingdom
May 2018 Gerard M Sugrue Creative Music Made Easy United Kingdom
Mar 2018 Viktors Jefimovs Furors Ltd United Kingdom
Jan 2018 Tony Graham Director Creative Barcode United Kingdom
Oct 2017 Richard James Walker Richard James Walker United Kingdom
Oct 2017 Victoria Taylor Copyright Administration Assistant Paul Smith Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2017 Ioannis Plastargias (John Plas) Writer Ioannis Plastargias United Kingdom
Sep 2017 Denise Anstey Business Development Associate RDP Associates Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Aug 2017 Abubakr Mohamednour Director General ABM Business Solutions Sudan
Aug 2017 Dan Dimmock Partner 85Fifteen United Arab Emirates
Aug 2017 Andreas Gumpetsberger SE OC Austria
Aug 2017 Horacio Carlos Maciel de Lima Diplomado en Políticas Públicas para el Desarrollo Local y Regional Casa de la Cultura LGSM Argentina
Jul 2017 Harry Scheid Lyons Quasi LLC,​ BDigiArt,​ The Line Between United States
Jul 2017 Abubaker Khair Abubaker Khair Saudi Arabia
May 2017 Kyle-James Keen Student University of Brighton United Kingdom
Apr 2017 Lieve Vereycken Co:Inpetto Belgium
Apr 2017 Lieve Vereycken Co:Inpetto Belgium
Mar 2017 Mo Elnadi Founder Integrated Social Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Feb 2017 Edoardo Rossi Director Teapot Studios Ltd United Kingdom
Feb 2017 Rosa Gabriela Varela Ruiz Queen of the little World The English Class Mexico
Feb 2017 Jonathan Brough Managing Director Uspire Limited United Kingdom
Jan 2017 Douglas Grays Mr Douglas Grays United Kingdom
Jan 2017 Barbara Norden Writer and theatre maker Bara Norden United Kingdom
Jan 2017 Mohamed Marawan Managing Director Sarafruit Sp zo.​​o Poland
Dec 2016 Brad Rendle CEO Atlantic Global Resources LLC USA
Nov 2016 Roman Kopacek Photographer Photographer Roman Kopacek Czech republic
Nov 2016 Mate Kovacs Founder Water Lily Pond United KIngdom
Oct 2016 Neil Hetherington Director ZEROH Design Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2016 Roderick Charles Holmes Founder The Positive Britain Project Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2016 Eloise Robbertze Founder Eloise R Photography Mauritius
Sep 2016 Beat Baggenstos Founder ClimbAID Switzerland
Sep 2016 sandra peq holand
Sep 2016 Andrea Falcon dgpixeleye Argentina
Sep 2016 Daisy Divya Tyson Chief Executive Officer Live Love Oceans Apart Global and Live Love Oceans Apart Fiji Australia
Sep 2016 Michael Mursell Managing Director Oggle Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2016 Adnan Nahim Founder /​​ CEO DonTie Norway
Aug 2016 Robin W.​​ Hutse UGent België
Aug 2016 Gavin Dobson Gavin Dobson United Kingdom
Aug 2016 Omar Babakarkhail Omar Babakarkhail Norway
Aug 2016 David Salcburger David Salcburger Czech Republic
Jul 2016 Stuart Wilkins Creative Barcode/​​IPBC United Kingdom
Jul 2016 Schepel Nikita Student Karazin University Ukraine
Jul 2016 Mike Walker CEO Sunerji Pty Ltd.​​ Australia
Jun 2016 John Taylor President Nevada Cash United States
Jun 2016 Andrea Carolina Moreno Rodriguez Founder FOODR Canada
Jun 2016 Charles Cross Graphic Designer Harrys of London United Kingdom
May 2016 John Taylor President Nevada Cash United States
May 2016 Sari Salmi Workgroup Sweden
May 2016 Emmanuel Makelemo V-hire United kingdom
May 2016 Sergio Lopez Figueroa Sergio Lopez Figueroa United Kingdom
May 2016 bhumindr butr-indr Lecturer/​​Lawyer Thammasat law school thailand
May 2016 Carolyn Walker Digital Wordsmith IQ Equity Ltd United Kingdom
Apr 2016 Firmen Agbay Safety Officer Tulong Pinoy Movers Unlimited Inc.​​ Philippines
Apr 2016 Russell Craig Targove President CEO ReQuest Global Initiatives United States
Apr 2016 friyadhi biermann manager felexindo indonesian
Mar 2016 David Hooven David Hooven USA
Mar 2016 david hooven david hooven usa
Mar 2016 Stephen Nwaukoni Entrepreneur Pawfect Bond United States
Mar 2016 Veselin Sidjimov CEO Vino Casa Marin ltd Bulgaria
Mar 2016 Helen Randall Producer Art&Graft United Kingdom
Feb 2016 Matthew James Herd Director Radegund Watch Company Ltd United Kingdom
Feb 2016 Sayle Qian China China
Feb 2016 'Segun Olude Graphic Design Professional + Educator Indigo Ink Studios Canada
Feb 2016 Nicola Bothwell Chartered Marketer NB Chartered Marketing United Kingdom
Jan 2016 reza nasr nasr United Kingdom
Jan 2016 Steven Freelance Designer Feven Design United Kingdom
Jan 2016 Jessica Kayrouz Owner STUDIO X D*V.​​A.​​S.​​ LLC United States
Jan 2016 Heico Wesselius Strategic Advisor | Strategic Consultant RMIT University | Research and Innovation Australia
Jan 2016 Kevin Short CEO Utrack Limited United Kingdom
Jan 2016 David N/​​A United Kingdom
Dec 2015 Andrii Musiienko Insuranse broker StarLife Ukraine
Dec 2015 Angela Alunni Angela Alunni Italy
Dec 2015 Steven Lyons Managing Director Gambit Consulting United Kingdom
Nov 2015 Pamela Kemsley Marketing manager Efendi Law Firm Tajikistan
Nov 2015 Camilla Joensen's fotografi Roskilde
Oct 2015 Louise Rasmussen Freelance Artist Louise Rasmussen United Kingdom
Oct 2015 Adebola BIG BOSS Ifoundthis United Kingdom
Oct 2015 Pieter Dumortier /​​ Belgium
Oct 2015 Lisbeth Johnsen Berg-Estenson Director Developdolly.​​no Norway
Sep 2015 Thomas Ivess Director Ivess Innovations Ireland
Sep 2015 Christopher Boutsinis Director Christopher Boots Australia
Sep 2015 Lino Franco creative linofranco * pure creativity Italy
Sep 2015 Yannis Hatzikian President Creative and Innovative Society Greece
Aug 2015 Abdiqani Egal Director Sombooks Publishing Company Somalia
Aug 2015 Ramy Sanad Director myTribeX New Zealand
Aug 2015 Miriam Trolese President Creativi108 Italy
Aug 2015 Juliette Jenner Founder - All Hats Juliette Jenner Companies & Enterprises Worldwide,​ Inc.​​ United States
Aug 2015 Ian Bibby Director LEDZ Ltd United Kingdom
Aug 2015 Sam Bartfield Teacher (at present) Soccer Bingo Ltd United Kingdom
Aug 2015 Victoria Carroll Account Director Michon Creative United Kingdon
Aug 2015 Kevin McFarland Chief Engineer Tekland Engineering United States
Aug 2015 Stephen Gambie Creative Director Basically United Kingdom
Jul 2015 Tomas Petro Tomas Petro Slovak Republik
Jul 2015 Terry Chow COO FOXCAT Design hong kong
Jul 2015 Stuart Cox I Like Birds United Kingdom
Jul 2015 John Carchrie Campbell John Carchrie Campbell Ireland
Jul 2015 Boominathan Founder President/​​CEO/​​Director Genome-2-Bio-Medicine-Discovery India
Jul 2015 Lizzie Buxton Artist N/​​A United Kingdom
Jun 2015 Aurelija Povilaike Project Coordinator UCA United Kingdom
Jun 2015 Renato Orlandini dos Santos CCO IYT Brazil
Jun 2015 Radu Constantin Gavril Managing Director IBLUE SRL Romania
Jun 2015 Tracy Mitchell Illustrator Tracy Mitchell United Kingdom
Jun 2015 Ingrid Larik Collaboration Expert & Organizational coach Flexvia com.​​v.​​ Belgium
May 2015 Simon Morris Managing Director Bareface United Kingdom
May 2015 brian linares artist liaison culturae United Kingdom
Apr 2015 Nishant Kishor Dere freelance Nishant Kishor Dere India
Apr 2015 Kedir Ahmed Manager AKBD Press Advertising and Advocacy Service Ethiopia
Apr 2015 Lena Ahad Director Technology PR Limited United Kingdom
Apr 2015 Shubha Sreenivas PhD Candidate Bangor University United Kingdom
Mar 2015 Alastair McCapra Chief Executive Chartered Institute of Public Relations United Kingdom
Mar 2015 Richard Handford President Kampala Tattoo inc.​​ Canada
Mar 2015 James Noel Director Brand and Soul Ltd United Kingdom
Mar 2015 Edna Liliana Rodriguez Macias Partner & Director Strategic Initiatives Intelligent Social Investment Colombia
Mar 2015 Bohdan Rodyuk Chekan Partner/​​Industrial ​​​​Graphic Designer NAIL+GAFF® Super Strong Fixation Construction Nails & Anchors | NAIL+GAFF® constructive protection of houses against earthquakes Ukraine
Mar 2015 James Cheeseman-Smith Silent Mode United Kingdom
Mar 2015 Zlatoslava Simonova Director,​​​ Founder Personal Ukraine
Mar 2015 GailL.​​ Maunula University of Turku Finland
Mar 2015 Adilson Reis Partner ADMR Assessoria Empresarial Brazil
Feb 2015 Stuart Moir MD The Random Agency Ltd United Kingdom
Feb 2015 Lê Đ​ình Phư​ơ​ng P.​​ Kỹ​ Thuậ​t Công ty TNHH Thiế​t Bị​ Y Tế​ Minh Khoa Viet Nam
Feb 2015 Natasha Kaufman Teacher JFS School United Kingdom
Feb 2015 Joshua Blount Intern Creative Barcode United Kingdom
Feb 2015 adrian wheeler Founder /​​Lead Coach The Fairlight project United Kingdom
Feb 2015 Kirk Azevedo Core Care United Kingdom
Feb 2015 Joseph Peter Gamble Student of architecture Joseph Peter Gamble United Kingdom
Jan 2015 Dan Curtis Designer Dan Curtis United Kingdom
Jan 2015 Nury Moreno Electronical Services Assistence Universidad Metropolitana Venezuela
Dec 2014 Mr Paul Youden Author/​​Journalist Paul Youden United Kingdom
Dec 2014 Kirk J.​​ Azevedo CORE CARE CORE CARE United States
Dec 2014 Paulina Sikora Aneks-Studio Sp.​​ z o.​​o.​​ Sp.​​ K.​​ Poland
Dec 2014 alegnta yimam haile United States of america
Dec 2014 Luca Pintilie Luke Pranay Communications Romania
Nov 2014 John King Glass Designer White Rabbit Glass United Kingdom
Oct 2014 Joanna Louise Broughton personal Development Coach Reflection Coaching United Kingdom
Oct 2014 John Buttigieg Composer Self-Employed Malta
Oct 2014 Max Siadura Zero Day Minsk Belarus
Oct 2014 Ruslan Salimov Ruslan Salimov Ukraine
Oct 2014 Jesus Anorve Managing Director El Patron Enterprises Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2014 Geraldine Grandidier Director Tidy Books Europe Limited United Kingdom
Oct 2014 Chandreyi Saha UK Account Manager Skyline Marketing Solutions United Kingdom
Sep 2014 Essam Elbawab Lead Digital Designer Insight United Kingdom
Sep 2014 Virpi Oinonen Director Business illustrator Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2014 José Alberto Ramos Ramos Designer Central Aguuni SA de CV Mexico
Sep 2014 Sebastian Parsons & JP Malkin Founder /​​ Executive Partner Elysia Commons United Kingdom
Sep 2014 Monique Upton-Jubber Artist and Designer uniqueye United Kingdom
Sep 2014 Peter Goodland Entrepreneur Self Employed United Kingdom
Sep 2014 Peter Creative co-CEO Dynamo Communications Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Sep 2014 Philip Brewbaker Phil's Inventions United States
Aug 2014 Paula Bongiovanni Brand Manager Agent Orange Design South Africa
Aug 2014 Jacopo Pintaldi Chairman & Director LIMONADA MATHE LIMITED United Kingdom
Aug 2014 Edward Quezada SNAKE CAMERA USA
Aug 2014 john graham Creative director ADCreative london United Kingdom
Jul 2014 James Araali-Kabyanga Director,​ Founder JamesAK Ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2014 James Oldham Design Engineer P1 Technology Ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2014 anne walker jeweller heist jewellery scotland, UK
Jul 2014 Shereen Carson graduate N/​​A United Kingdom
Jul 2014 Chris Hall CH79 United Kingdom
Jul 2014 Alexandra Moss Graphic Designer Alex Moss Designs Unit`
Jun 2014 Ben Camara Director Ben Camara United Kingdom
Jun 2014 Rahul Chaudhary Monster United Kingdom
Jun 2014 Angelo Ioannou CEO Affinity Magnate Pty Ltd Australia
Jun 2014 Rian van Loggerenberg Senior Architect Individual South Africa
Jun 2014 Jonathan Williams Director Coolwarmth Ltd United Kingdom
May 2014 Sultan Sel Vestel Turkey
May 2014 Claudia Mera Dr.​​ Punani Producciones Uruguay
May 2014 Sara Hill Founder TreatNOW ltd United Kingdom
May 2014 Tatiana Nechai Tatiana Ukraine
May 2014 Shruti Agrawal Director Excella Expertise Worldwide Pvt.​​ Ltd.​​ India
Apr 2014 Anna Kaehne Assistant to Secretary General: PR & Communications CIOPORA Germany
Apr 2014 Mark McGinty Director Hhau Macedonia (Republic of)
Apr 2014 Lee Evans Director Organic Roofs Ltd United Kingdom
Apr 2014 tyler malin founder legalease labs,​ llc United States
Apr 2014 David Nichols Managing Director Pink Piggy Holdings Ltd England
Apr 2014 Mamdouh Soliman General Manager Bofi International Egypt
Apr 2014 Ian Smith owner and principal CEED Collaborative United States
Apr 2014 David Vernon President AvianiX LLC United States
Apr 2014 Alison Branagan Creative Consultant Alison Branagan Creative Consultancy United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Rodolfo Gonzalez Creative Director /​​ Social Content Designer OVERQUALIFIED (Freelance) Puerto Rico
Apr 2014 Cyrille Gulassa Co-Owner Sisters Gulassa United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Talin Gureghian Creative director /​​ Principal ALSO Inc.​​ United States
Apr 2014 Sarah Kays Graphic Designer Advanced Solutions United States
Apr 2014 Brooke Kotzen Graphic Designer Brooke Designs United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Paul Hogenboom Photographer the Ministry of CGI United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Roy Jones Product Designer/​​Inventor Roy Jones United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Joanne Frears Director Jeffrey Green Russell United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Anchal King of the World NA United Kingdom
Apr 2014 Brenda M.​​ Hoskins designer Brenda M.​​ Hoskins United States
Apr 2014 Richard Silvera Cichero Richard Silvera Uruguay
Mar 2014 Ian Johnstone Founder Profitable Employee LTD United Kingdom
Mar 2014 Christian Busca Founder Automating Law S.​​r.​​l.​​ Italy
Mar 2014 Tom Marshall-Andrews Marshall Andrews Ltd United Kingdom
Mar 2014 Mr Amba Mambula Luathy Manager musician and Coach band MPR Music Production United Kingdom
Mar 2014 Jeffrey Tjendra Design Executive Officer Business Innovation by Design Singapore
Mar 2014 Ashton James Newton Gordon Product Designer Ashton Gordon United Kingdom
Mar 2014 William Cody Winter Freelance NA United Kingdom
Mar 2014 Ferenc Schwartz Freelance Ferenc Schwartz Israel
Mar 2014 Maxine J Horn Own Boss MJH Author United Kingdom
Mar 2014 Peter Goebel Owner GO:Relations Germany
Feb 2014 Almudena Entrepreneur and project manager Edited by Vinilo United Kingdom
Feb 2014 FAURE Camille FAURE Camille United Kingdom
Feb 2014 Adel Language Instructor Independent Researcher United States
Feb 2014 John Christopher Innovation Adviser Enterprise Europe Network - East of England United Kingdom
Jan 2014 Ray F.​​ Riley Creative Director MedCoastCustoms Ltd.​​,​ Cruisin' Design United Kingdom
Jan 2014 Imeobong Utuk Director Ideate 360 Nigeria
Jan 2014 Christine Chester Artist & Teacher Christine Chester United Kingdom
Jan 2014 Mary Wright Graphic Designer Mary Wright Graphic Design United Kingdom
Dec 2013 Arnab Shahriar Designer Pixella Ltd.​​ Bangladesh
Dec 2013 Rebecca Collingridge Textile Designer Rebecca Collingridge Design United Kingdom
Nov 2013 Mohammad Monowar Hossain Monolik Corporation Canada
Nov 2013 Jaroslavs Conda Founder /​​ CEO TSONDA LTD United Kingdom
Nov 2013 Shaun Rimmer Owner FloWolFDesigns United Kingdom
Nov 2013 Carolyn Walker Project co-ordinator IQ equity United Kingdom
Nov 2013 Mike Berry Local4.​​biz United Kingdom
Oct 2013 Adedeji Adebiyi Ronma CEO/​​Creative Director Juvil Plus Media Nigeria
Oct 2013 Ulyana Shtybel Director Smart Civilization Ukraine
Oct 2013 John P.​​ Combalicer Taga-Paglingkod Cawayan Solutions Philippines
Oct 2013 Herve Yamodo Manager 100traffic LLC United States
Sep 2013 denise basso creative partner Bradley Basso llp United Kingdom
Sep 2013 Radu Gavril Manager Dracula Cruises Romania
Sep 2013 Simon Leach Photographer Simon R Leach United Kingdom
Sep 2013 Andrew Wills Senior UX Problem Solved UX Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2013 Sam Sun Jong Yang Managing Director Stylled Solutions Korea, South
Sep 2013 Maria Marino Director Maria Marino Architect United Kingdom
Aug 2013 Graham Beaumont CEO Health Exchange CIC United Kingdom
Aug 2013 Dean Beckett Director EDGE Design Fit Ltd United Kingdom
Aug 2013 Mark Nightingale Designer Mark NightingaleLLP United Kingdom
Aug 2013 Guy Arnold MD Investors in Feedback and Sales Through Service United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Gwen Turner Illustrator & Designer OUCH! United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Monika Hestad Designer Brand Valley Design Ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Diran Founder JemJar United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Dominic Love Lawyer N/​​A United Kingdom
Jul 2013 marian photographer marian Alonso United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Annette Clarke Jewellery Artist Crystal Clarke Ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Fahad M.​​ Al Absi CEO & Founder COAX Interactive Media Services L.​​L.​​C.​​ United Arab Emirates
Jul 2013 Roger Penwill Cartoonist Penwill Cartoons United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Christina Banjo Creative Director Christina Chi United Kingdom
Jul 2013 Emily Barnes Designer Creative Challenge United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Jonathan Paul Streeton CEO KGS Partners Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Richard Davies Managing Director U Coach Me Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Tris Moore Solicitor Moore Law United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Webmaster Web Developer MEADVERT United Arab Emirates
Jun 2013 Mel Donohoe director/​​artist HOUSE INERTIA INSTITUTE United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Susan Toft Student Student Artist United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Brad Rendle Managing Director Atlantic Global Resources Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Alex McEwan Freelance Visual Artist /​​ Illustrator Alex McEwan Art United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Elizabeth Morana Managing Director Morana Maternity Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2013 Mohammad Merie Managing Partner guessON United Arab Emirates
May 2013 Radu Gidei Radu Gidei United Kingdom
May 2013 Ujena Domalanta Trapped footwear United Kingdom
May 2013 Nichelle Nichelle United Kingdom
May 2013 Harsh Manjunath Designer Manasaram Architects India
May 2013 Jordan Eliastam cream United States
May 2013 Alan Mumby Director MDI Associates United Kingdom
May 2013 Bernard Brandon Director Qputt (UK) Limited United Kingdom
May 2013 Iseult O'Flynn Artist Bridge House Studios Ireland
May 2013 Max Guttfield Director Yarden United Kingdom
May 2013 Jesús Manuel Paz González Doctor - Magister _ Ingeniero Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica de la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana Venezuela
Apr 2013 Thierry Poirier Prof.​​ Universidad Simon Bolivar Venezuela
Apr 2013 Glenda Freeman Artist Glenda's Art,​ Furniture & Jewelry United States
Apr 2013 Andy Barlow CTO RWCS Limited United Kingdom
Apr 2013 Bankaly Director Wagadoo Ltd United Kingdom
Apr 2013 Phoebe Fuller Business Development Manager Sanderson & Co United Kingdom
Apr 2013 Juan Jose Gasca Design Thinker Thinkers Co Spain
Apr 2013 Annabelle Gauberti Founding partner Crefovi law firm United Kingdom
Apr 2013 Geoff TOISTER Owner GT-Lex Israel
Mar 2013 John MacAulay-Sutherland Creative Partner bpds United Kingdom
Mar 2013 John Stericker flatmate.​​com Australia
Mar 2013 Miles Playne The Design Refinery United Kingdom
Mar 2013 Andrew Atter Managing Partner Executive Dialogue Ltd United Kingdom
Mar 2013 Andrrey Santonius assistence IndepNanoProf Russian Federation
Mar 2013 Simon Montford Innovation Specialist na United Kingdom
Mar 2013 Matthias Hillner Virtual Typography Limited United Kingdom
Mar 2013 Anthony Clarke Founder Variant Future United Kingdom
Mar 2013 Dan Raij Benkyou E-learning Company Uruguay
Mar 2013 Bruno Oro de Abreu Industrial Designer Bruno Oro Studio India
Mar 2013 Isabel Howlett Designer Misshapen Brushes United Kingdom
Mar 2013 Bill Inman President Brightpear Designs United States
Mar 2013 Michele Cea New Satisfaction Italy
Mar 2013 Ben Baylis Director Velvet Bug Ltd United Kingdom
Mar 2013 James S Richards Graduate Assistant University of New Mexico Department of Sociology United States
Feb 2013 Bunmi Ajayi Real Rechovot United Kingdom
Feb 2013 Lieve Vereycken Co:InPetto Belgium
Feb 2013 Belinda Tomovski mrs.​​tom Germany
Feb 2013 Sevra Davis RSA United Kingdom
Feb 2013 Sally Jennings Enterprise & Licensing Officer British Postal Museum & Archive United Kingdom
Feb 2013 Rohit Manjrekar Director Unit 1 Productions Pvt.​​ Ltd.​​ India
Feb 2013 Herzel Frenkel Director Shvavit H F Ltd Israel
Feb 2013 Dylan McGarry University of the Trees United Kingdom
Feb 2013 Jose Neto Founder WeAreMateria - Creativity x Innovation x Technology Portugal
Feb 2013 Allison Johnson Onaite Design United Kingdom
Feb 2013 Nicola Mellors Company Director Young Mellors United Kingdom
Feb 2013 valerie goode Designer kitty ferreira United Kingdom
Jan 2013 David Somers CEO Trevezel Sàrl Luxembourg
Jan 2013 Christi Mitchell Director Highbury Ltd United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Rick Holmes Creative Director Scenario Projects United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Richard Holt Director CICCIC Creative Innovation Centre CIC United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Edwin Latchford Flock of Birds Inc Dominican Republic
Jan 2013 James Rock Director DesignThinkers UK Limited United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Peter Difrancesco Student Student United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Catherine Baile Catherine Baile United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Gonzalo Morere Entrepreneur AMD2 group Chile
Jan 2013 Shane K Beary CEO Track of the Tiger T.​​R.​​D.​​ Thailand
Jan 2013 Ravi Kalidindi N/​​A United States
Jan 2013 Becky Wright Director New Leaf Life Design United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Rob Leslie C.​​O.​​O.​​ Global Business Register Ireland
Jan 2013 Marissa Feinberg Founder and CEO Flockd,​ Inc.​​ United States
Jan 2013 John Setor Lord-Attivor Managing Director L-Attivor United Kingdom
Jan 2013 Woo Li Fong Seeding Hut LLP Singapore
Jan 2013 Stephane Berghmans R&D Manager TE connectivity Belgium
Dec 2012 Richard Atkinson CEO Second Mile Ltd United Kingdom
Dec 2012 Fred Berendsen creative director Aliens Advertising Agency Netherlands
Dec 2012 Manfred van der Voort Business Development Manager micrOcost Netherlands
Dec 2012 Dawn Rae Conery Owner/​​Designer Dawn Rae Conery Designs United States
Dec 2012 John Thatcher Proprietor THAT Management Service United Kingdom
Dec 2012 John van Echtelt Owner Van Echtelt Management Adviezen /​​ Younite In Sport Netherlands
Dec 2012 Alexandre Grauer President Creative Diffusion SAS France
Dec 2012 Francisco Javier Rodríguez Sánchez FIM PRODUCTIVIDAD AC Venezuela
Dec 2012 William Knight Show Director Media 10 Ltd United Kingdom
Dec 2012 Kate Mawby Designer Kate Mawby United Kingdom
Dec 2012 matthew lloyd-winder MD stained glass studio United Kingdom
Dec 2012 Mariana Tomas Mariana Tomas Photography United States
Nov 2012 Mariquez Troost Director QuezArt United Kingdom
Nov 2012 Frederick Salmon November Comics LLC United States
Nov 2012 James Murphy manager HLH Prototypes China
Nov 2012 Gauberti Partner Crefovi law firm France
Nov 2012 Phillip Scheldt PhD Managing Partner Brian Paul Ongaku Sensei United States
Nov 2012 Choi González CEO 42 Arte Audiovisual Mexico
Nov 2012 Agustín Pazos No Uruguay
Nov 2012 dante owner Italy
Nov 2012 Geoffrey Wright Geoffrey Wright United Kingdom
Nov 2012 Anthony Oladeji Partner/​​Strategic Designer The Creative Office United Kingdom
Nov 2012 Juan Manuel Bojorquez Juan Manuel Bojorquez Mexico
Nov 2012 Sangram Birje Founder Birjes Inc United States
Nov 2012 Tim Clark Partner Lewis Tanfield Publishing United Kingdom
Nov 2012 Monica Krauter Universidad Simon Bolivar Venezuela
Nov 2012 Roy Moreno Project Executive Technology Park of Sartenejas Venezuela
Nov 2012 Jamie Shaw Inventor/​​Creator Shaw Vision Media United States
Nov 2012 Austin Founder Informatics Revolution LLC United States
Nov 2012 John Chipperfield Creative Director Vivid Agency Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Luis Alcaraz Attorney Alcaraz Company Mexico
Oct 2012 Thomas Wright - Student - United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Alastair Cameron Owner Startacus United Kingdom
Oct 2012 David Michael Rober Nichols Managing Director Inner Performance Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Caroline Powell Business Manager/​​Partner Violet Impressions United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Nico Macdonald Principal Spy United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Jose Rangel Ejecutivo de Proyectos Parque Tecnologico Sartenejas Venezuela
Oct 2012 Sheila Burroughs Creator TISA Management United States
Oct 2012 Steve Wilcox Director Elite Systems Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Tony Wills Designer Wills Watson+Associates United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Karlis Sr.​​ Cadillo Peru
Oct 2012 X MAiA EMEA Sales Director LTU technologies France
Oct 2012 Roberta Mutti consultant Italian Consulting Singapore
Oct 2012 Etienne Wersinger creator Etienne Wersinger France
Oct 2012 David Olof Carney Principal Consultant Carney Consulting United Kingdom
Oct 2012 Michael Tomes Managing Director Creativepool United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Karsten Winegeart BarCode Beats United States
Sep 2012 Ramsey Haddad Managing Director FREE RADICALS TECHNOLOGY (FRT) LTD United Kingdom
Sep 2012 claudia mera Dr.​​ punani producciones United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Ian Customer Success Manager Vidyard Canada
Sep 2012 Tersoo Gundu Photographer Tersoo G Studio and Lab Nigeria
Sep 2012 Sergi Kolesnyk Managing Director Digitalists Interactive Agency Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Nick Cliffe Managing Director Cliffeco Limited United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Grace E Olugbodi Director Eltekon Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Roly Rodriguez Director The Pink Collective United States
Sep 2012 Jane Hunt Director Catapult PR United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Maxine Horn Director Innovation Bank/​​BDI Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Julian Wilkins Director Blue Pencil Media Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Neil Siewert Director BIZAM Marketing Ltd.​​ Canada
Sep 2012 Jonathan Ettienne-Warner The Main Man Jonathan Warner United Kingdom
Sep 2012 Kris Holland CEO Mafic Studios,​ Inc.​​ Canada
Aug 2012 Steve McGarry Founder & CEO McGarryGadGets United States
Aug 2012 Ray CHOW Founder Safeping Switzerland
Aug 2012 Sandy Hoover Director Bimbamatic United States
Aug 2012 Douglas Ross Founder Principle Dynamics Consulting Inc United States
Aug 2012 james edward hoefling jr.​​ Director self United States
Aug 2012 Nabil Medjebeur CEO WHY NOT AGENCY Algeria
Aug 2012 Mario Anaya Executive Producer Mar Productions United States
Aug 2012 Bhavin Kothari Head - Intellectual Property Rights Cell National Institute of Design India
Aug 2012 FUEL Director FUEL BV Netherlands
Aug 2012 Luke Beeston Director Creativ Genius Australia
Jul 2012 Caroline Santos Director Mette Ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2012 J.​​ K.​​ Quak Director OnStage Soundsystems BV Netherlands
Jul 2012 Ian Director SmartCCTV United Kingdom
Jul 2012 Benjamin Pawle Director Designer United Kingdom
Jul 2012 Andrés Director BONDI Uruguay
Jul 2012 Ralston Olivier Forsman-White Glas en Keramiek Engineering Physicist Advanced Glass Ceramics Establishment Liechtenstein
Jun 2012 Vimal Chatwani Director 12x75.​​com United Kingdom
Jun 2012 Luis Alfredo Martínez Quintana Director Universidad Simón Bolívar Venezuela
Jun 2012 Andrew Andrew Director Realise Product Design Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2012 Eugene de Leeuw Director Eugene de Leeuw Graphic Designer BNO Netherlands
Jun 2012 Javier Gonzalez Pedraza Director JGP&A Argentina
Jun 2012 robert dunleavey Director Tanto Labels United Kingdom
Jun 2012 Tamer Taha Director World Bank office in Cairo Egypt
Jun 2012 Justo Alonso Director Justo Alonso Uruguay
Jun 2012 Katherine Lacey Director N/​​A - Graduate United Kingdom
Jun 2012 Michelle Smith Director Michelle Smith United States
May 2012 Roger Prentis Director RDPI Ltd United Kingdom
May 2012 Jose Rangel Ejecutivo de Proyectos Parque Tecnológico Sartenejas Venezuela
May 2012 angelo Director angelo cacchione United Kingdom
May 2012 Jan Burke Director Focus Business Consulting United Kingdom
May 2012 Patricia Prevett Production Uruguay
May 2012 Katarina Fagerstrom Levring Photographer Sweden
May 2012 Riccardo Anzil Director Innovation Stream United Kingdom
May 2012 Maribel Rodriguez de Pepe Director PTS- USB Venezuela
Apr 2012 Andrew MacLaren CIO agencymobile United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Peter Unzeitig Inustrial Designer unzeitig ID Germany
Apr 2012 Alice Stanley Graphic and Web Designer alicerstanley.​​com United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Caterina Fadda Director FaddaSantos United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Antonio Rossi Director Yoctle Limited United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Dave Kent Director jasper john United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Mike Elam Director Mike Elam United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Shirley Yang Director Pro Style United Kingdom
Apr 2012 Sergio Cerro Software Developer Vitaloom Spain
Apr 2012 Rafael M Lopes Product Innovator & Strategist United States
Apr 2012 Peter Schultz Director Silver Goat Media United States
Apr 2012 Joe Agwa Director FNS Media Kenya
Apr 2012 Victor Scott Director junk4funk United Kingdom
Apr 2012 shamini kulasingham Director shamrock harmony United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Jo Byrne Director Jo Mew Creative United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Andrew Farish Director Smartstreets Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Eliza Del Carmen Director Eliza Del Carmen United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Gonzalo Diaz Director Smartway Uruguay
Mar 2012 Rodolfo M.​​ Oppenheimer Partner Prosperitas Capital Partners Uruguay
Mar 2012 Nicolas Aznarez Executive Producer El Camino Films Uruguay
Mar 2012 Brian Francis Visual Designer brianjonesfrancis United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Napoleon Beltran CEO /​​Chief Curator Photoworld Metro Philippines
Mar 2012 Nicole Natale Director NC Natale Enterprises LLC United States
Mar 2012 Alejandra Bretón Director KALIBRE Uruguay
Mar 2012 Sun young JUN Director University for the creative arts United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Rachel Godfroy Director Rachel Godfroy United Kingdom
Mar 2012 RICHARD SEYMOUR Director Seymour Photography United Kingdom
Mar 2012 kerry Director UCA United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Anne Chivele Director Anne Chivele United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Pamela Atekpe creative director Nyonyo & Yayra United Kingdom
Mar 2012 Laura Wells Director University of the Creative Arts United Kingdom
Mar 2012 neha Director UCA United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Andrea Carolina Moreno Rodriguez Director Creative Challenge United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Pedro Sanchez Director Student UCA United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Sandy Chander Director UCA United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Georgina Saunders Director Georgina Saunders United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Kirsty Blackmore Director New Threads United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Wing Yan Natalie Li Director Beyond Green Festival United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Christina Perdikaki designer freelance Greece
Feb 2012 ROSIE CONMAN Director ROSIE CONMAN STUDENT United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Yasiara Ortiz Director Own Spain
Feb 2012 Daniela Menoni Soca Lawyer Daniela Menoni Soca Uruguay
Feb 2012 Tom Langmacher Director ReelPath LLC United States
Feb 2012 Sam Director MyGlobalThesis Ltd United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Martín Alcalá Director Tryolabs Uruguay
Feb 2012 Carlo Missirian Director humanutopia Limited United Kingdom
Feb 2012 Bettina Nissen Director Bettina Nissen Design United Kingdom
Jan 2012 Nicholas Waters Director Derventio Studio Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Jan 2012 CJ Kettler Director Genius Crowds United States
Jan 2012 Tim Jones Director motiroti United Kingdom
Jan 2012 Graham Barker Director abettermousetrap.​​co.​​uk United Kingdom
Jan 2012 Ingenio Director LATU Uruguay
Jan 2012 Lesley Bassett Director Icinghouse United Kingdom
Jan 2012 Uwe Derksen Director UCA United Kingdom
Jan 2012 Joseph Ullsperger CSO TheGreenMan United States
Jan 2012 Michelle Svoboda CEO Gotham City Geek United States
Dec 2011 Mark Adair-Rios Director Fighter Funds,​ LLC United States
Dec 2011 Matthew Lloyd Director Quirk Design Ltd Australia
Dec 2011 Geraldine Grandidier Director Tidy Books Europe Limited United Kingdom
Dec 2011 Sherren McCabe-Finlayson Partner/​​Graphic DEsigner Platform One United Kingdom
Dec 2011 Patricia van den Akker Director The Design Trust United Kingdom
Dec 2011 James Mac Creative Director /​​ Owner Create Forty Eight United Kingdom
Dec 2011 Peter Dunn MD Agricultural and Erosion Solutions Ltd United Kingdom
Dec 2011 Dennis Ploutz owner DPInnovate United States
Dec 2011 Lynsey Cooper Director In The Wonderland Ltd (Trading as The Wonderland Ltd) United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Roger Hart Director Aesop Brands Ltd United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Ren Spiteri Director Virtual Bulldog Ltd Malta
Nov 2011 Mr Garton Owner Garton's Innovation Station United Kingdom
Nov 2011 jayne heaford Director Futurescan United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Esther Yaloz textile designer Esther yaloz - textile design United States
Nov 2011 Tommy Murphy Creative Director Octoberstone Design Ltd United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Jim Balistreri Business Development Fourte Design & Development United States
Nov 2011 Ryan Wallis Director Abstract Foods ltd United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Miles Hartwell Director Splinter Works Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Andrew Gibbs Design Manager Warwick Design Consultants United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Alex MacAdam Global Innovation Manager Fujitsu United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Julie Stanford Managing Director Essential Business United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Kevin Armstrong President Armstrong Value Add United States
Nov 2011 Andrew Constable Director Bongaboard Balance Boards United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Robin Layfield Lead Developer UltraSimplified United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Warwick Evans Director Warwick Evans Design United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Nigel Robinson Director ICON.​​net United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Chris Garcin Director Garcin Design United Kingdom
Nov 2011 SANTUM Director Gazi University,​ Turkey Turkey
Nov 2011 Peter Tennent Director Factorydesign United Kingdom
Nov 2011 bobby patel Director iendodontist United Kingdom
Nov 2011 Theresa Smith Director Mooch United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Susannah Oliver Director Susannah Oliver United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Linda Baines Director United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Anne V Craig KT Adviser AURIL United Kingdom
Oct 2011 John Henry Fullen Director Self United States
Oct 2011 John van Trijp Director Libertas in Vivo Netherlands
Oct 2011 Nick Comer Director Rosetta Trading Limited United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Jan Robert Softa CEO Somerco Research Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Phil Jones Director Wired Sussex United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Stephen Knowles Director Industrial Design Consultancy United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Beatriz Bugallo Director Uruguay
Oct 2011 Simon Teer Director teer Behaviours in Design United Kingdom
Oct 2011 jonathan meare Director jdmdesigns ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Eric Haas Director InDezign Germany
Oct 2011 alison roberts Owner UNIVERSAL JOURNEY United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Ian Murison Director Curventa United Kingdom
Oct 2011 Linda Mutunga Director STYLEBOAT United Kingdom
Oct 2011 onkar thandi Director United Kingdom
Sep 2011 Tim Purvis Director Bentley Holland and Partners Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2011 Nobel Lugo Club Officer Central Indiana Chapter of TCA United States
Sep 2011 Gary Cooke Director Cooke with an e Limited United Kingdom
Sep 2011 yusuf hassan CEO and creative head roop-Brand communications Bangladesh
Sep 2011 Ewan moodie Creative director Crewjo entertainment Australia
Sep 2011 Stuart Arnott Director SparkCo Limited United Kingdom
Sep 2011 Melanie Guy artist/​​designer GUY ASSOCIATES United Kingdom
Sep 2011 ikem charles creative director HOUSE OF LOGIC Nigeria
Sep 2011 Irene Goncalvez Director Motor Films Uruguay
Sep 2011 Enrique Pereira Director Coyote Sociedad Animada Uruguay
Aug 2011 Jeremy Offer Creative Director Dekode United Kingdom
Aug 2011 Mark FitzGibbon Director Pilot Design & Advertising Ltd United Kingdom
Aug 2011 David Hughes Director The Business Innovation Group LLP United Kingdom
Aug 2011 Andres Lalanne Director Idretail Uruguay
Aug 2011 leticia mora gonzalez Director TRIPFILM SRL Uruguay
Jul 2011 Haydn Shaughnessy Director Cogenuity Ireland
Jul 2011 Vincent Ooi Founder VineTech Singapore
Jul 2011 Martin Crehan Design Team Leader Green Room Retail Design Ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2011 Daniel Kacowicz Director Real2b S.​​A.​​ Uruguay
Jul 2011 matteo bianchi Director daruma design ltd United Kingdom
Jul 2011 Doug James Director Honey Creative United Kingdom
Jul 2011 James Clifton Director Integral Psychotherapy United Kingdom
Jul 2011 Daniel Smith Director Dan Smith Design United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Damian Croker Director Brandstrike Limited United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Chris Strickland Director Chris Strickland United Kingdom
Jun 2011 james Director big bite fx United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Salim Graphic Designer South Africa
Jun 2011 Donal O'Connell Managing Director Chawton Innovation Services United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Anthony Lingwood Comm.​​ Design.​​ Anthony Lingwood Design Ireland
Jun 2011 Philip Zeitler Director Private United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Clare Playne Director Playne Design United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Rick ONeill Director LTF Design & Marketing Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Gareth Lynas Creative Director Icon Creative Ltd United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Richard Klasovsky Director Richard Klasovsky - Riorici Design United Kingdom
Jun 2011 Eric Wheeler Director United States
May 2011 MARIA BALSA Director CREANEXUS Uruguay
May 2011 Paul Mellor Director Mellor&Smith United Kingdom
May 2011 Gordon W Bettany Director Tourron Limited United Kingdom
May 2011 Michael Hendry Director The Blueprint Design Co Ltd United Kingdom
May 2011 d'Assignies Director CELOG France
May 2011 Ferran Design Manager Dplus plus Spain
Apr 2011 nicolas bagattini musician 3dmusic Uruguay
Apr 2011 Sebastian Moreno Director CEO Quimera Factory Uruguay
Apr 2011 William Colmenares Director Universidad Simon Bolivar Venezuela
Apr 2011 Bruce Renfrew Director Renfrew Group International United Kingdom
Apr 2011 Matt Crowe Founder/​​CEO AHHHA United States
Apr 2011 Claudio Moreno Director QUIMERA Factory Uruguay
Apr 2011 Matt Fairweather Director Matthew Fairweather Limited United Kingdom
Apr 2011 Silvia Nane Director make it work Uruguay
Mar 2011 Dan Newman-Turner Director Designrock Ltd United Kingdom
Mar 2011 Martyn Gates Director ARCAM (International) Limited United Kingdom
Mar 2011 John Deming Director P1 Network Ltd United States
Feb 2011 Aubrey Kurlansky Creative Director Aubrey Kurlansky Design United Kingdom
Feb 2011 Mindy Director Pure American Dezigns.​​ Inc.​​ United States
Jan 2011 Sarah Davenport Director Made in Nottingham Ltd United Kingdom
Jan 2011 Ben Smithson Director EDGE Product Development Ltd.​​ United Kingdom
Jan 2011 David Anthony Director AK Design (Scotland) Ltd.​​
Dec 2010 Louie Hahn Director The Roost Creative Australia
Nov 2010 Mr.​​ Michiel Claassen Director PEHEJA BV Netherlands
Nov 2010 Lars Andersson Director Ymer&Partners AB Sweden
Nov 2010 Mariela Di Nardo Creative Director Artevital Venezuela
Nov 2010 David Parrish Director T-Shirts and Suits Ltd United Kingdom
Nov 2010 Sergio Lopez Figueroa Director Big Bang Lab United Kingdom
Nov 2010 Mike Elam Director Hyphen Design Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2010 communiversity Director CommUniversity Netherlands
Oct 2010 Peter Blok Director Hogeschool van Amsterdam Netherlands
Oct 2010 Sarah Campbell design strategist Silva Innovation Consultancy United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Stephen Judge Director Bonfire Creative Intelligence United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Frederico Mahalem de Lima Director Independent Consultant Brazil
Oct 2010 Mr.​​ Uwe Derksen Director University for the Creative Arts United Kingdom
Oct 2010 M.​​W.​​ Koenst Director Kantoor P Netherlands
Oct 2010 James Surridge Director Idealogy United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Dieneke Ferguson Chief Executive Hidden Art United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Pinoncely CT Intellectual Territories Project France
Oct 2010 Shuo-Kai Tsai Owner EastWest Innovation Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Wenneker.​​tv Director Wenneker.​​tv Netherlands
Oct 2010 Nick Allen Director nick allen consultancy United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Joshua Carr Director Joshua Carr United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Nick Townend Director Ideas Group United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Anna Dunbar Director Iona Communications Ltd United Kingdom
Oct 2010 Assaf Thon Founder amassare Israel
Sep 2010 Geoff McCormick Consultant Alloy United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Brian Minards Partner Minards associates United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Kenny Laurenson commercial artist Handsome United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Neil Tomlinson founder director Just Drinking Water Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Alexander Jones Managing Director Cambridge Industrial Design Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Nick Broom Founding Director Preview United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Joris Verrips director De pratende computer Netherlands
Sep 2010 neil simpson Owner Neil Simpson United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Andrew Nichols Creative Director Andrew Nichols Interiors United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Jake Arkell-Hardwick Director Wireless LAN MAN Ltd United Kingdom
Sep 2010 David Farrington Director David Farrington United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Nat Marsh Director NM Interface Design & Build United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Richard Wolfstrome Director Wolfstrome United Kingdom
Sep 2010 Maxine J Horn CEO Creative Barcode United Kingdom
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